Princess Anne Elementary inspires sustainable living and a chain reaction of kindness

8Princessw Anne Elementary School’s Green Club and Rachel’s Kindness and Compassion Club recently teamed up to continue a cycle of sustainable living and a chain reaction of kindness.

PAE created a Juice Pouch brigade and has been earning points all year by saving and sending in their used juice pouches to the companyTerra Cycle. The two clubs paired up to redeem those points and were able to provide a year’s worth of clean water to 62 people through an organization called charity:water. This organization provides clean water by building wells in communities in need. The students learned about the importance of clean water and how some countries do not have access to clean water. Most importantly, they learned that helping with this problem can cause a chain reaction of kindness!

The Kindness and Compassion Club was started this year at PAE to encourage students4 to live a life of purpose and to do simple acts of kindness to make their school a better place. The Green Club emphasizes sustainablility and teaches students how to meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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