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When most people talk about public education, they use phrases like, “When I was in school…” Unfortunately, this can lead to unfair comparisons and misconceptions about “school today.” The ways students learn and how a school division operates have changed greatly over time. Given these changes and the volume of information (and sometimes misinformation) shared through social media and by various news outlets and organizations, it can be difficult to know what is fact.

To provide students, parents, staff and community members accurate information about student learning and school operations, Virginia Beach City Public Schools has developed the VBCPS FactChecker. We've tackled some of the hot topics on this website, but we know there are more.

If you've heard something about our schools that you are not sure is true, let the VBCPS FactChecker get you the correct information. Submit your question or topic by emailing AskTheSuperintendent@vbschools.com.