Mrs. Virginia International visits Linkhorn Park

This post was written by VBCPS Partnership Coordinator Laura Smart.

Students at Linkhorn Park Elementary School had a unique opportunity to prepare for Tuesday’s Tornado Drill.

This is part of a statewide effort to ensure that all students would be able to follow the emergency plan in place at schools in case this catastrophic weather condition were to hit the area.

Mrs. Virginia International 2014, Cheryl Nelson, a meteorologist by trade, met with third- and fourth-graders to discuss how they could best prepare for this natural disaster. As an official ambassador for the National Weather Service (NOAA), Mrs. Virginia helped students to think about what supplies should be part of their emergency supply kit, the safest locations in their homes or while driving on the streets, and ways they could help their parents to develop and practice a plan at home.

Linkhorn Park principal Barbara Sessoms pictured with Ms. Virginia International.

Linkhorn Park principal Barbara Sessoms pictured with Ms. Virginia International.

“These are tips to keep everyone safe in case they are ever in a tornado’s path,” says Nelson. “My hope is that the students will go home and share what we talked about here today. Just that dialogue will raise an awareness that all families should develop an emergency plan to stay safe.”

Following the “official Tornado Drill” that all schools in the division participated in , select students joined in a round table discussion about natural disasters.

“It is an excellent curricular tie-in and the timing was perfect for Mrs. Virginia’s visit,” shares Linkhorn Park principal Barbara Sessoms. “We never know what weather conditions we could be faced with here in Virginia Beach and the community needs to be prepared so we can all stay safe.”

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