16th Annual VBCPS School Report Cards available at vbschools.com

Every teacher, principal and staff member of Virginia Beach City Public Schools is committed to providing students a safe learning environment where they can gain the skills they need to thrive as 21st century learners, workers, and citizens. The Annual VBCPS School Report Cards are an important part of this commitment. Virginia Beach City Public Schools started this tradition sixteen years ago in an attempt to provide parents with a resource for evaluating many aspects of their children’s school. Each report card provides individualized school-level data for the current school year along with several previous years, which allow parents to track the school’s success over time.

The 16th Annual School Report Cards, along with links to additional data, are available now on vbschools.com. They contain valuable information pertaining to student and staff characteristics, school performance and progress toward meeting federal accountability standards. The report cards also include measures of student performance that are aligned to the 21st century student outcomes identified in our strategic plan, Compass to 2015.

If you would like a printed copy of the Annual School Report Card for your child’s school, please contact the school division’s Department of Planning, Innovation and Accountability at 757-263-1199.

6 thoughts on “16th Annual VBCPS School Report Cards available at vbschools.com

  1. Where are the actual schools’ report cards? All I keep getting is the blog saying they’re available at vbschools.com – but never the actual report cards.

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