May ‘I Make A Difference’ Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following staff members whose colleagues presented them with the ‘I Make a Difference’ recognition in May:

Adult Learning Center: Brenda Kopek, Melinda Saunders
Bayside Middle School: Jillian Caldwell, Wickie Riggens, Rick Swift, Arlie Wells, Drew Wynn
Cox High School: Cerine Davis, Corey Francis, Carolyn Harris, Dalton Head, John Grimaldi
Green Run Elementary: Alison Atkins, Chinita Baker, Norma Owens, Russel Spencer
Larkspur Middle School: Nancy Hulburt, Mary Hunt, Rosalind Lopez, Celethia Penn, Shonna Roberts
Lynnhaven Middle School: Phyllis Dray, Heather Fryling, Brittany Horner, Tricia Simon
North Landing Elementary School: : Claudia Hooks, Stacie Maynard, Lynelle Munden-Lawson
Salem Elementary School: Kelsie Barbour, Jan Nimrod, Patty Simmons, Cathy Whelan
Salem Middle School: Cynthia Eblacas, Malou Fontelera, John Heft, Cora Moody
Special Education Annex: Angie Miller, Rebecca Snider
Windsor Woods Elementary School: : Laura Boulier, Alexandra Burke, Alex Colombrito, Sonya Ramsey, Tara St. Clair

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