2020 Citywide Teacher of the Year finalist: Nancy Julcher

This is the first article in a series of profiles about each finalist for Virginia Beach City Public Schools’ 2020 Citywide Teacher of the Year. The citywide winner will be announced at the Teacher of the Year dinner hosted by the Virginia Beach Education Foundation May 2.

Nancy Julcher, a special education teacher at Alanton Elementary School, found her passion of working with children after a successful career in computer programming and software development.

“Once my own children entered school I became more and more involved with their activities and education,” said Julcher. “Although ‘teacher’ had not yet entered my mind as a possible career, the seeds were being planted.”

It wasn’t until she took an office position with an elementary school that she made the decision to switch careers.

“There I found my true passion, working with students with special needs,” she said.

Julcher returned to school and earned her master’s degree in special education.

She has now been teaching for 12 years, but has not left her love of technology in the past. Using her computer programming knowledge, she has enhanced instruction and can track student progress data in her classrooms.

“I have written programs which allow teachers to access and easily share effective reading strategies, programs which help track and improve parent-teacher communication, and programs that track the writing progress of students which allow teachers to easily identify the ‘next steps’,” she explained.

“Mrs. Julcher is passionate about making a difference for every child” said Alanton Elementary Principal Charlene Garran. “She values relationships and truly cares about the well-being of every single student she teaches.”

“Knowing that I can be a part of changing the lives of children for the better makes teaching the most rewarding job in the world.”

Julcher hopes to be someone who has a positive impact on the future lives of children in Virginia Beach.

“It may have taken me longer than most to realize my true passion in life; however, I truly believe I have arrived right where I was always meant to be.”

Visit the division’s Facebook and Twitter channels Thursday night to watch the 2020 Citywide Teacher of the Year announcement streamed live.

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One thought on “2020 Citywide Teacher of the Year finalist: Nancy Julcher

  1. Congratulations Julie on this achievement.
    It doesn’t matter when you discover your passion as long as you relentless pursue.

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