March ‘I Make A Difference’ Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following staff members whose colleagues presented them with the ‘I Make a Difference’ recognition in March:

Adult Learning Center: Donna Berbert, Natasha Christian, Paula Hernandez, Lisa Markovic
Arrowhead Elementary School: Sue Carroll, Debbie Mangosing, Shannan Rehpelz, Wilma Warren
Bayside Middle School: Michelle Bantolino, Mary Bryant, Mary McEntee, Casandra Scott, Nicole Sheffield, Jovonne Vrechek
Brandon Middle School: Dawn Edwards, Dr. Michele Dabney, Lalisha Fitchett, Michelle Holston
Cox High School: Ordaz Jeter, Mary Moore, Sherrie Roberts, Amanda Spellman
First Colonial High School: Mark Butts, Jimmy Domanski, Christina Stepanovich
Green Run Elementary: Alonna Artis, Malcolm Hobbs, Mary Pagano, Tammara Sherard-Dunlap
Kellam High School: Rose Behson, Hope Caraballo, Soraya Delachica, Grace Milo
Landstown Middle Schoo: Charles Crews, Todd Fritz, Victor Hugo, Federico Landaeta
Larkspur Middle School: Christine Daniels-Acevedo, Anna Flegal, Scott Jordan, David Parrish, Peggy Reagan
Lynnhaven Middle School: Melanie Bolick, Laura Greene, Stephen Paddison, Adam Swindell
North Landing Elementary School: Laurel Bernard, Marisa East, Angie Gonzales, Becky Wallace
Salem Elementary School: Christy Flanagan, Teresa Geis, Soula Martin, Claudia McConathy, Michelle Wise
Salem Middle School: Linda Barilla, Corey Langston, Karen Quick, and Tracey Thornton
Special Education Annex: Wendy Zuchristian
Windsor Woods Elementary School: Sonya Benshoff, David Berrier, Keyona Edwards, Amy Simpson

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