February ‘I Make A Difference’ Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following staff members whose colleagues presented them with the ‘I Make a Difference’ recognition in February:

Adult Learning Center: Stephen Anderson, Heather Riggs, Dan Stringent
Arrowhead Elementary School: Karen Bennett, Kellee Kraft, Olivia Lowman, Amy O’Connor
Bayside Middle School:  John McDaniel, Tom Semmel, Erin Vickrey
Cox High School: Polly McClenny, Lanz Platz, Kenneth Walsh, Brenda White
First Colonial High School:  Curt Brown, Kim McCanna, Ty Traister, Dave Verbano
Green Run Elementary: Anthony Jones, Robbin Merton, Tiffany Quinones, Jennifer Schmidt
Kellam High School:  Anne Faircloth, Diana Ferebee, Pam Henry, Laura Howell
Larkspur Middle School:  Tanya Bullington, Si Brewer, Jeremiah Flegal
Lynnhaven Middle School:  Barbara Babb, Andrea Floyd, Brad Nelso, everyone in the Cafeteria
North Landing Elementary School: Tracy Coffin, Kim Hewitt, Staphanie Manny
Salem Elementary School: Kathryn Jelich, Nicole Loy, Dave Parker
Salem Middle School: Madeline Fodrie, Debra Leber, Charleen Paxton, Ellen Salvadore
Special Education Annex: Clara Somers
Windsor Woods Elementary School:  Amy Ferris, Robin Herbol, Mary Jane Root, Pamela Sprouse

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