December ‘I Make A Difference’ Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following staff members whose colleagues presented them with the ‘I Make a Difference’ recognition in December:

Adult Learning Center: Ella Reilly, Kelly Stack
Arrowhead Elementary School: Kathy Gibson, Melissa McGee, Bev Stemen
Bayside Elementary School: Tina Gilchrist, Evelin Skinner
Brandon Middle School: Ira Banks, Christopher McElveen, Todd Perdue
Green Run Elementary School: Tiffany Deese, Carolyn Poteat, Alexandra Shea, Sue Zeltmann
Kellam High School: Mike Benzel, Kathy Brasington, Allison Dobson, Kelsey Siebert
Landstown Middle School: Amanda Dudley, Josephine Garrido, Karen Mayo
Larkspur Middle School:  Rachel Leeds, Tamara Webb
Lynnhaven Middle School: Javion Hinmon, Alfred Olds, Rachel Sadler
New Castle Elementary School: Melissa Cromwell, Keitha Havey, Melissa Taylor
North Landing Elementary School: Beverly Howlett, Ruth Nunes, Liz Wray
Salem Elementary School: Tracy Annis, Kelly Jennings
Salem Middle School: Kristin Addesso, Alexis Downham, Michelle Eastlake
Special Education Annex:  Courtney Burke
Technical and Career Education Center: Diana Ausderau, Jackie Clarke, Edna Newmiller, Patrick Reed

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