Week in Photos: October 29-November 2, 2018

Trick or Teach! The Bayside Elementary Staff show their school spirit on Halloween.

Front row: Cori Shea, Nicole Gregory, Mia Raynes Back row: Kiersten Schiffbauer, Beth Young, Meghan Bakner, Amy Stratton, Mary Ellen Trivette,Belinda Reynolds, Angela Farrell, Lisa Thorne, and Lacey Detlor.


While North Landing has their own three-ring circus….

Back row, L-R: April Belton, Lynn Baker, Carolyn Boocks, Jill Barger, Lyn Hebert, Kim Duliere, Marty Asire, Denise Fockler, Kathy Comba, Maria Artis. Up Front: Tina Kay


Arrowhead kindergarteners from Ashley Eich’s class made Halloween a learning experience. Students took turns feeling the insides of a pumpkin and describing it:  “Icky, gooey, wet, sticky, gross” were the popular results.  They also reviewed shapes by using them to draw a face on the pumpkin.

Christine Wray (kindergarten assistant) led an experiment to see whether a pumpkin will sink or float. (Spoiler alert: It floated!)


And first grade students in Tracy Szczesniak’s class at Windsor Woods confirmed that no matter how big, fat and heavy they are, pumpkins do indeed float!


Cox High School held a National Science and  Math Initiative (NMSI) ceremony on Halloween, and students who scored a 3, 4, or 5 on an Advanced Placement exam in math, science, or English last year received $100. Gifted Resource Teacher Kay Roberson says that students who graduated last year will receive their checks in the mail.

Junior Jordan Estes is one of the students who received an award check from NMSI. She scored well on her AP Physics exam.


Green Run High School senior Kiyah Wise won a $300 scholarship from Teens with a Purpose, and organization that seeks to empower young people and celebrate teens who persevere beyond adversities. She was presented with the Move Maker award at the RoyalT Gala at the Chrysler Museum.


At Princess Anne Middle School, teachers nominate one student per core every month who has demonstrated kindness, respect, helpfulness and academic effort. Congrats to the October Students of the Month.

Top row, L-R: Carson Griffith, Julia Burnell, Anastasia Makrygianni, Sam Wiggins Cady Mechling, Lakota Michie. Bottom row, L-R: Leilani Lane, Lauren Spagnuolo, Jonathan Iaquinto, Stephen Won, Shaun Van Deusen, Nate Corkran, Tyler Kampfe. Not pictured: Logan Dixon and Lily Dorney.


Green Run High School celebrates Chloe Bowland and Shaniya Smith as October’s Students of the Month, and Lindsey Tibbitt as Teacher of the Month.


North Landing Elementary’s “2018 Reading Teacher of the Year” is fourth-grade teacher, Stacie Maynard.


Library Media Specialist Kathy Gordon is Diamond Springs Elementary’s Reading Teacher of the Year.

Gordon celebrates with Principal Gloria Coston and Reading Specialist Karen Eskridge.


Arrowhead Elementary School fourth-grade teacher Michelle Durant is showered with flowers in celebration of her Reading Teacher of the Year award.  Durant has been teaching for more than two decades, and this is her third year at Arrowhead.

Principal Kimani Vaughn (left), Assistant Principal Lorrie Voshell (right) and a surprise guest–Durant’s husband, Mitchell– were on hand for the award presentation.


Arrowhead Elementary Instructional Technology Specialist David Crouse spent a “working/playing/learning” lunch with fourth-grader Liam Curtis exploring the world of Tinkercad, robots, and Vorpal Hexapods.


Fifth graders in Debra Huggins’ class at Windsor Woods Elementary worked hard at building a Rube Goldberg machine to demonstrate their understanding of force and motion.

Grace Sokolowski and Jackson Ebersole are exhuberant as their machine correctly throws away their trash.


Green Run Collegiate Middle Years Program Biology Students travelled to the Norfolk Zoo to study genetics and how it relates to variations in wild animals and to domestication. They explored the special challenges of captive breeding programs.  They also participated in an ecological scavenger hunt, which put an interactive focus on the human impact on endangered species.

L-R: Bryan Layne, Brandon Burkhead, Angelo Mendoza, Jovanny Alvarado, Keith Rainey, Caillou Denton, Makenzie Joyner-Cassanova, Kenneth Chapman, Te’vion Williams
Student Bryan Brown is introduced to a Tenrec, a species of mammal within the family Tenrecidae, found on Madagascar and in parts of the African mainland.



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