Congratulations to ‘Tagged by Superintendent’ recipients

The following staff members were recipients of the Tagged by the Superintendent recognition for the second semester of school year 2017-18:

High Schools and Centers
Adult Learning Center, Stephen M. Anderson
Advanced Technology Center, James Spruill
Bayside High School, Katherine Schweizer
Cox High School, Robert B. Wolfe
First Colonial High School, Nancy Curtis
Green Run High School, Diane Rockhill
Green Run Collegiate, Jamie Hizer
Kellam High School, Chris Henry
Kempsville High School, Erin Mullins
Landstown High School, Eugenia “T’Na” Bell
Ocean Lakes High School, Meri Riddick
Princess Anne High School, Katie Liakos
Renaissance Academy, Angelica Rohring
Salem High School, James Perry
Special Education Annex, Robert Mages
Tallwood High School, Jennifer Swetland
Technical and Career Education Center, Sharon Gatz

Middle Schools
Bayside 6th Grade Campus, Valorie Voils
Bayside Middle School, Marieke Jones
Brandon Middle School, Shenesha Gibbs
Corporate Landing Middle School, Stephanie Filio
Great Neck Middle School, Sally Northcott-Mayes
Independence Middle School, Laurie Dole
Kempsville Middle School, Sarah Johnson
Landstown Middle School, Sarah Simonetti
Larkspur Middle School, Nicole Berger
Lynnhaven Middle School, Tracey Braddy
Plaza Middle School, Katherine Doyle
Princess Anne Middle School, Jocelyn Barrington
Salem Middle School, Mary Warren
Virginia Beach Middle School, Angelyn Nichols

Elementary Schools
Alanton Elementary School, Diedrie Ortiz-Vasta
Arrowhead Elementary School, Rose Mezzatesta
Bayside Elementary School, Nicole Gregory
Birdneck Elementary School, Devon Luttrell
Brookwood Elementary School, Elyse Catale
Centerville Elementary School, Patricia O’Brien
Christopher Farms Elementary School, Anne Featherston
College Park Elementary School, Shannon Jenik
Cooke Elementary School, Bobbi Creekmore
Corporate Landing Elementary School, Tracy McCarthy
Creeds Elementary School, Anne Horsley
Dey Elementary School, Niki Parnell
Diamond Springs Elementary School, Rebecca Carter
Fairfield Elementary School, Krystina Norton
Glenwood Elementary School, Tara Pfeifer
Green Run Elementary School, Lauren Sexton
Hermitage Elementary School, Jill Kane
Holland Elementary School, Chris Lowman
Indian Lakes Elementary School, Nicole Garzia
Kempsville Elementary School, Erin Zeder
Kempsville Meadows Elementary School, April Vasser
King’s Grant Elementary School, Marie Justiss
Kingston Elementary School, Patricia Davenport
Landstown Elementary School, Christopher Sanders
Linkhorn Park Elementary School, Reesee Michalochick
Luxford Elementary School, Avery Gregory
Lynnhaven Elementary School, Shemika Irizarry
Malibu Elementary School, Tracy Hill
New Castle Elementary School, Dale Keesler
Newtown Elementary School, Karen Holl
North Landing Elementary School, Karen Van Deriet
Ocean Lakes Elementary School, Tina Michels
Parkway Elementary School, Anne E. Johnson
Pembroke Elementary School, Jessica Arnold
Pembroke Meadows Elementary School, Brandon Harris
Point O’View Elementary School, Mercedes Rivera
Princess Anne Elementary School, Lisa Powers
Providence Elementary School, Joyce Johnston
Red Mill Elementary School, Dan Koach
Rosemont Elementary School, Maryanne Kowalski
Rosemont Forest Elementary School, Mackenzie Abbey
Salem Elementary School, Janice Nimrod
Seatack Elementary School, Yvonne Lassiter
Shelton Park Elementary School, Felicia Shelton
Strawbridge Elementary School, Hillary Beristain
Tallwood Elementary School, Laura Beni
Thalia Elementary School, Shannon Thompson
Thoroughgood Elementary School, Theresa Embroski
Three Oaks Elementary School, Maria Olivera
Trantwood Elementary School, Melissa Spivey
White Oaks Elementary School, Elizabeth Samuelsen
Williams Elementary School, Meishe Thirus
Windsor Oaks Elementary School, Amy Siviglia
Windsor Woods Elementary School, Brandon Thompson
Woodstock Elementary School, Allison Dickens

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