March 2018 ‘I Make a Difference’ recipients

Congratulations to the following staff members whose colleagues presented them with the “I Make a Difference” recognition during March:

Adult Learning Center:  Brenda Hornbaker, Rachel Lee, Lisa Markovic

Bayside High:  Marilyn Mayhew, Butch Caldwell, Leah Thorton, Michele Parker

Bayside Middle:  Lars Eisenbraun, Shiela Anacta, Rebecca Yaple

Brandon Middle: Todd Perdue, Krisha Loftus, Richard Garner, Alicia Pahl-Cornelius

Creeds Elementary:  David Wiggins, Timothy McClellan, Christopher Lille, Katie Patterson

Cox High:  Amanda Gillespie, Randy Homesly, Travis Elliott, Stacey Belissimo

Centerville Elementary:  Myra Umphlett, Janie Berges

Green Run Elementary:  Alonna Artis, Tracey Calder, Henriella Holmes, Contessa Magee, Howie Conger

Hermitage Elementary: Angie Breuer, Terri Miles, Mary Koushel

Kellam High:  Carrie Gantt, Kelsey Seibert, Monte Bryant, Kim Whitfield

Kempsville High:  Chelsea Kimbrough, Stephanie Watson, Debra Clary, Julia Foust

Kempsville Middle:  Paula Sherman, Lloyd Whitehurst, Mary Sutterluety

Landstown Middle:  Annette Palmer, Lee Hicks, Laura Williams

Larkspur Middle:  Jade Collins, Brandon Holloway, Chris Schimmel, Kristen Hoffman

New Castle Elementary:  Maria Carrico, Ashley Sawyer, Samantha Dove

North Landing Elementary:  April Belton, Tina Kay, Maria Artis, Kim Duliere

Princess Anne Middle:  Jamie Arnett, James Palmiere

Red Mill Elementary: Sarah Boeding, Sarah Morris, Brigitte Bradley

Renaissance Academy:  Joy Simone, Jamie Greer, Vicki Jefferson

Salem Elementary: Cathy Whelan, Jan Nimrod, Marina Brakeman, Tracy Annis

Salem Middle:  Rob Lanz, Linda Barilla, Emily Hitzemann, Laura Willey

Shelton Park Elementary: Jennifer Hodges, Becky Bates, April Porter, Kristen Sheely

Special Education Annex:  Kristine Eakins

White Oaks Elementary:  Laura Yoakam, Renee Allbritten, Devin Souther, Lisa Nunn

Windsor Woods Elementary:  Alexis Mocco, Emelita Pillega

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