Students share their thoughts on the work of school principals

Principals Appreciation Week is January 22-26. In celebration of the leadership, support and significant difference that principals make in their buildings, we asked second- and fourth-grade students a few questions about the work of principals. Here is what they said.

What is the best part about being a principal?

“That you’re the director of the whole school.”

“You get to meet kids and help kids who got in trouble.”

“You get to help people around and tell people ‘no bullying’ and stuff.”

“To meet all the kids and just to have fun.”

 “Everybody has to try their best and [our principal] is one who tries his best.”

“You’re actually looking after the school.”

“Helping the kids in all the grades.”

“That you’re in charge of the whole school and events.”

“You can do a lot of things but you have to make sure if anybody is bad they get in trouble.”

“Keeping people safe.”

“You get to see all of the students.”

“You get to study a lot.”


What do you think a principal does for fun?

“They give good compliments to teachers and classes.”

“Go around different classrooms and talk to other students and ask about what they’re doing.”

“Teach students to come in their classrooms, goes inside other people’s classrooms to teach students about something.”

“Say hi to kids.”

“Spend time with their family at the carnival.”

“Rides on skateboards at the end of the year.”

“Grade homework and to go eat out with other teachers.”

“Make up tests.”

“Go to ask people how is their day.”

“Follow kids around.”

“Keep track if the kids are alright.”

“Help all kinds of people.”

“Go around the school and help others.”

“Helps people to do stuff.”

“Goes around the school and see how all children are doing.”


If you were a principal, what would you do for the school?

“I would make everyone happy.”

“Give everyone a greeting in the morning.”

“I would go to the classes and talk with the students and have fun with them, teach and problem solve with them, watch them a lot and see what they do.”

“Play video games.”

“Have fun and help kids.”

“I would improve the school if it had any issues and help any students who need help.”

“Ask everybody to try their hardest and do their best on work.”

“I would go in the classrooms and check if everybody is okay.”

“I would help all the kids in the school.”

“Help people if something is hard for them.”

“Do fun events.”

“I would say hi to kids every morning.”

 “Have no homework.”


Thank you to all of our school principals for all that you do!

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