Sick leave bank open enrollment Jan. 15-Feb. 15

Following a review of the school division’s regulations and procedures regarding the use of sick leave banks, VBCPS’ administration recommended combining the six sick leave banks into one bank, effective Jan. 1.

Membership into the sick leave bank will remain voluntary for benefit-eligible employees, and the Department of Human Resources is offering a special enrollment period, Jan. 15 to Feb. 15, for employees who want to become sick leave bank members and were not previously enrolled. Employees who were members of any of the previous sick leave banks automatically will be enrolled in the new sick leave bank unless they opt out using a form delivered to their school or offices in early January.

The sick leave bank can be used when a member is incapacitated due to personal illness or injury. The bank will remain in effect as long as at least one-third of benefit-eligible employees agree to participate. VRS Plan 1 or Plan 2 employees may enroll in the sick leave bank by donating the hourly equivalent of two (2) days of sick leave. Because VRS Hybrid Plan employees are only eligible to participate during their first year of employment, they may enroll by donating the hourly equivalent of one (1) day of sick leave. VRS Hybrid Plan employees have a disability program available to them after one year; therefore, membership in the sick leave bank is limited to their first year of employment.

View the flyer below for more information about the sick leave bank. The application to enroll in the sick leave bank is available on the HR Forms page on

Employees with questions should call the Office of Employee Relations at 757-263-1133.


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