Great Dreams Need Great Teachers campaign recognizes 11 teachers

During the three-day school week before Thanksgiving, Superintendent Dr. Aaron Spence and senior leaders from the Department of School Leadership delivered 11 recognitions from the Great Dreams Need Great Teachers campaign.

As part of the campaign, parents, students and others are encouraged to send an email to to share a positive story about a teacher who is making a difference.

See below to read more about the teachers who were surprised in their classrooms with Great Dreams Need Great Teachers letters and appreciation gifts from campaign sponsors, including: Beach Cinema Alehouse, Pinboy’s at the Beach and the Virginia Aquarium.

Jill Belch, Cooke Elementary: All we can say is she’s outstanding and has a beautiful heart! It’s very apparent teaching is not just an occupation, it’s her passion to form young minds and prepare them for whatever they dream to do. We know our son is in excellent hands. Read more.

Logan Berns, Cooke Elementary: We are so blessed that she was able to connect with such a kind-hearted, resourceful and gregarious teacher. I can see that Mr. Berns loves his job and his first-graders! Read more.

Melissa Bruckner, Princess Anne Elementary: She is completely professional, kind, and reassuring not only from her tone, but from her results. From day one my child has bounced to school looking forward to every single new day. He gets off of the bus as if it was the best day ever every day. He tells me what he has learned and his love for school has trumped his past interests. Read more.

Stephan Currence, Landstown High: Every student, the ones that get lost because they don’t super excel or really fail, still need this kind of support. Stephan Currence is the kind of teacher that I feel will make an impact on my son and change his future from getting by to succeeding and creating a career for himself because he will believe he can do it because this teacher made him feel like he could. Read more.

Leah Cuthbertson, Landstown Elementary: Sometimes, as a working mom, I feel so guilty for not remembering every class party or bagged lunch for a field trip. Mrs. Cuthbertson completely puts all that to rest. She is always so sweet, responsive and pleasant. My daughter adores her and loves going to school every day. Read more.

Anne Flavin, Landstown Elementary: Mrs. Flavin has been a great teacher in my life because she has always loved me. She has always cared about me and she was always nice. Read more.

Mary Malone-Brown, Princess Anne Elementary: I’m overjoyed to say that, since the very first day of school, my son comes home every day with a huge smile on his face. My son is learning. He is feeling confident in himself. He’s excited about learning, and he is growing leaps and bounds. My son thinks the world of Mrs. Malone-Brown and we do too! Read more.

Dione McTyre, Brookwood Elementary: Mrs. McTyre showed him how to embrace his strengths and how to feel confident in himself. She taught him how to turn even what seemed to be difficult into something that he was capable of. Not only was she his teacher, she was someone special, someone who truly cared for our son. Read more.

Jen Rohr, Strawbridge Elementary: Ms. Rohr is amazing. She not only is able to teach at my son’s level for him, she is able to keep learning fun. She is so kind and patient with all the students. She goes out of her way to make sure the students enjoy the activities and maintain enjoying school. Read more.

Chiquita Tucker, Plaza Middle: Throughout my son’s history, I have yet to find a teacher with her compassion and dedication to her students…Truly, having her in our world for the past three years has been a blessing to our family. I wish there were more teachers like her that went the extra mile and truly loved the difference they make in a child’s life. Read more.

Leslie Wildman, Strawbridge Elementary: She works with the students weekly and helps make their process of learning and creating so much fun. She encourages thinking outside the box and is always willing to believe in a child’s vision. She has been very supportive to my son and his process. He has stated for the past two years that Wednesdays are his favorite day because Mrs. Wildman goes to his class on Wednesdays. Read more.

Visit the Great Dreams Need Great Teachers website to read more positive stories about teachers who are making a difference in students’ lives.

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