September 2017 ‘I Make a Difference’ award winners

Congratulations to the following staff members who were recipients of the “I Make a Difference” award at their respective schools in September:

Adult Learning Center – Joyce Halstead, Linda Fello, Bernice Wilson, Sharon McAllister

Bayside High – Tatiana Kasyanik, Nicole Ingalls, Julie Spencer, Becca Wilson

Brandon Middle – Pam Barnard, Gladys Johnson, Cynthia White, Margaret Sun

Corporate Landing Middle – Teresa Ansell, Amy Clark, Barbara Butler, Meaghan Sachs, Kayla Elam, Kathy Moss

Green Run High – Susan Whiteman, Elizabeth (Lyz) Wilson, Benita Powell

Kellam High – Terri Harrington, Jana Cardone, Carl Copon, Ralph Thorpe

Kempsville High – Troy Saunders, Martie Mansfield, Allison Heischbber, David Springstead

Kempsville Middle – Felicia Bailey, Jeff Duplain, Mary Meekins, Jacqui Macnab, Caitlin Trigiani

Larkspur Middle – Gina Hanvey, Everett Wilson, Mary Hunt, Karla Galloway, Kathy Jensen

Luxford Elementary – Liz Presto

Lynnhaven Middle – Javion Hinman, Karen Blanchard, Lisa (Sharon) Stephens

Old Donation School – Martha Bonney, Lawrence Cooper, Virginia “Ginger” Johnston

Ocean Lakes High – Renee Jackson

North Landing Elementary – Ken Magee

Point O’View Elementary – Denise Sizemore, Rebecca Wood, Mary Hall, Kim Johnson, Dave Herbert

Princess Anne Middle – Melissa Byrd, Zachary Bucholz, Erika Bartley, Lisa Trojnar, Traci Doyle

Red Mill Elementary – Lisa Alconcel, Susan Thuma

Renaissance Academy – Nikki Steckroth, James Fayton, Nicholas Franklin

Salem High – Hayley Tabora, Dorothy Gilchrist, Maria Apape, Connie Melvin

Salem Middle – Mary Warren, Karen Frank

Shelton Park Elementary – Tammy Bacalis, Fernanda Veloso, Myron (Chief) Baxter, Ellen Pontiff

Virginia Beach Middle – Dave Lenczewski, Sandy Gregory, Steven Murden, Bryant Dildy

White Oaks Elementary – Ken Lovitt, Carrie Bosseler, Shannon Coleman

Windsor Woods Elementary – Angie Baron

View photos of select award winners submitted by school media liaisons.

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