New storyboard shows how everyone is part of the VBCPS story

When this new third storyboard recently went up in the hallway of the School Administration Building, it immediately caught the attention of many passersby—and with good reason: it is a visual illustration of the 2016-2017 work accomplished by schools and departments toward the school division’s strategic framework, Compass to 2020.

“When you step back and look at the work that can be accomplished by working together toward unified goals, it’s inspiring,” said Superintendent Aaron Spence, Ed.D. “Every employee—whether a bus driver ensuring students get to school safely, an office associate keeping our buildings running smoothly, or a teacher making sure amazing learning happens every day for students—everyone plays an important role in this tremendous framework, and it’s important to document the progress we are making together.”

This storyboard joins two existing illustrated storyboards; the first which provides an overview of the four goals of Compass to 2020; and the second highlights the work accomplished during the 2015-2016 school year.

“It reflects the work of the schools. It reflects the work of central office. Everyone has a piece of the Virginia Beach City Public Schools story and we try to reflect all of those pieces on this storyboard,” said Dr. Lisa Banicky, Director for Innovation and Strategic Planning in the Department of Planning, Innovation and Accountability.

Continuing the theme based on the division’s motto of “Charting the Course,” this third storyboard again features a flurry of activity occurring around the division’s four goals.

“They’re all here,” Banicky states as she points to a white cloud hovering over the beachside locale next to the words “High Academic Expectations,” which is Goal 1 in the strategic framework.

“I like the idea of a cloud because high academic expectations are the wind in our sails,” she added. “This is the work that moves us forward.”

Next, Banicky points to a nearby large ship with the words “Multiple Pathways” inscribed across the upper masts. Work that supports this goal of personalized learning is represented by references to the Design Fellows and Digital Learning Anchor Schools.

Banicky goes on to highlight Goals 3 and 4.

“Goal three, which is ‘Social-Emotional Development’ is represented by some pretty social animals: dolphins,” Banicky adds while Goal 4, Culture of Growth and Excellence, is illustrated by a bevy of activities the division initiated to build the capacity of teachers, administrators and staff. The Visitor Management security system launched at all schools this year as well as the continuing “Great Dreams Need Great Teachers” campaign are also showcased.

The storyboards also provide a glimpse of what’s ahead.

“Each one ends with a future look,” according to Banicky.

“It’s not all of the work, but somewhere there’s an image pointing to what’s coming in the next storyboard. It’s a bit of an accountability measure because this is what we said would be coming in the future.”

What does Banicky hope people takeaway after reading the board?

“My hope is that it reinforces and validates the work people are doing and helping move us forward,” she states. “That every individual is a big piece of the bigger picture.”

The first two storyboards are now online on the Compass to 2020 landing page, while the third storyboard is now being digitized. All three print versions of the Compass to 2020 storyboards are already proudly displayed in the hallways leading to the School Board meeting room, a location that was strategically selected since staff members, students and families regularly traverse that walkway.

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