Administrators applaud ‘amazing’ accreditation announcement

In a word: Amazing.

In three words: We did it!

Those are the words Bayside Middle School tweeted to share the superintendent’s announcement that 100 percent of the division’s testing schools are projected to earn full Standards of Learning accreditation.

The news provided the perfect celebratory ending to the 2017 Administrators’ Conference, “Be Amazing: A Call for Transformational Leaders.”

While proud of all staff and students for the successful SOL results divisionwide, Dr. Spence recognized at the conference the five schools that met or surpassed state benchmarks this year after not earning full accreditation last year: Bayside Sixth-Grade Campus, Bayside Middle School, Birdneck Elementary School, Larkspur Middle School and Seatack Elementary An Achievable Dream Academy.

“These SOL results affirm what we, in our school division, have been emphasizing these past three years: the simple fact that every student—regardless of economic status, background or school—can achieve academic success,” said Spence in the division’s news release about the projected accreditation results.

Read more about this amazing accomplishment in the VBCPS news release.

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