Schools and offices welcome new administrators

Staff, students and families will see some new faces in schools and central office this school year. The following employees are in new roles this week pursuant to administrative appointments and administrative reassignments effective July 1.

Adult Learning Center
Randi Riesbeck, director

Bayside Elementary School
Ashley Godfrey, assistant principal

Bayside Middle School
Joel Guldenschuh, dean of students
Paige Scherr, assistant principal

Bayside 6th Grade Campus
Kimberly Daily, assistant principal

Christopher Farms Elementary School
Patricia Porter, assistant principal

Cooke Elementary School
Courtney Boyce, assistant principal

Corporate Landing Elementary School
Teresa Davis, assistant principal

Corporate Landing Middle School
Lauren Gay, assistant principal

Cox High School
Michael Kelly, principal

Diamond Springs Elementary School
Brandon Lugo, assistant principal

Glenwood Elementary School
David French, principal
Jennifer Haws, assistant principal

Great Neck Middle School
Shampriest Bevel, assistant principal
Thomas Quinn, assistant principal

Hermitage Elementary School
Angela Munari, principal

Kempsville Meadows Elementary School
Robyn Backer, assistant principal

King’s Grant Elementary School
Lorena Kelly, principal
Valerie Cason Williamson, assistant principal

Kingston Elementary School
Grant Baker, assistant principal

Landstown Middle School
Tennille Bowser, assistant principal

Linkhorn Park Elementary School
Kathleen Scarborough, assistant principal

Lynnhaven Elementary School
Lynell Powell, assistant principal

Luxford Elementary School
Maureen Fanelli, assistant principal

Malibu Elementary School
Micah Harris, principal
William Dickerson, assistant principal

New Castle Elementary School
Heather Quinn, principal

Newtown Elementary School
Heidi Rinehart-Richardson, principal

Ocean Lakes High School
Caitlin Stravino, administrative assistant

Plaza Middle School
Deborah Price, principal
Troy Walton, assistant principal

Point O’ View Elementary School
Anne Sessoms, assistant principal

Princess Anne Middle School
Zachary Bucholz, assistant principal

Red Mill Elementary School
Nicole Keros, assistant principal

Salem Elementary School
Babette Brinkley, assistant principal

Seatack Elementary School, An Achievable Dream Academy
Danielle Williams, assistant principal

Tallwood Elementary School
Tamika Singletary-Johnson, principal
Lori Gross, assistant principal

Thalia Elementary School
Crystal Wilkerson, principal

Thoroughgood Elementary School
Joshua Ringling, assistant principal

Windsor Oaks Elementary School
Catherine Schaefer, assistant principal

Office of Programs for Exceptional Children
Julio Batista, special education coordinator
Mandi Cumpston, special education coordinator
Jamillah Silver, special education coordinator

Office of Student Support Services
Karen DiMaggio, coordinator of psychological services
Felina Williams, neuropsychologist

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