Custodians recognized for outstanding service and work performance

At the division’s Custodial Appreciation Day event June 20, the Office of Custodial Services recognized various individuals and teams for their outstanding work.

The following eight custodians received awards for their decades of service to Virginia Beach City Public Schools:

  • Edward Askew, 41 years
  • Jacqueline Cornick, 39 years
  • Kenneth Cornick, 39 years
  • Ronnie Ferebee, 39 years
  • Dorothy Gilchrist, 39 years
  • James Kerekesh, 39 years
  • Marilyn Williams, 39 years
  • Sheraton Woodies, 39 years

The Office of Custodial Services also presented Gold Awards to the custodial teams whose work this year met the following award criteria.

  • Meeting 90/98 Acceptable Standards (building inspection)
  • Professionalism of staff/proper wearing of uniforms
  • Team cleaning
  • Proper use of chemicals

Congratulations to the following schools and offices and their head day and night custodians for receiving Gold Awards from the division’s Office of Custodial Services:

Elementary Schools
Alanton: Satorius Babb (day), Walter Land (night)
Arrowhead: Darrin Hawes (day), Deborah Dobbins (night)
Bayside: Kimberly Coker (day), Brenda Carter (night)
Birdneck: Joseph Davis (day), Monica Scutchings (night)
Brookwood: Ella Smith (day), Linwood Upchurch (night)
Centerville: Robert Mills (day), Willie Freeman (night)
Christopher Farms: Mercyd McBee (day), Juanita Barrington (night)
College Park: Janetta Lewis (day), Stanley Harper (night)
Cooke: Isaiah Hyman (day), Joann Wiggins (night)
Corporate Landing: Dietrick Moody (day), Miranda Lewis (night)
Creeds: Timothy McClellan (day), Robin Hicks (night)
Dey: Robin Hill (day), Lope Vargas (night)
Diamond Springs: Walter Drueitt (day), Dameyon Smith (night)
Fairfield: Barbara Allen (day), Cory Dozier (night)
Glenwood: Seanette Batts (day), Cornell Langley (night)
Green Run: Anthony Jones (day), Pergentino Lipid (night)
Hermitage: Gary Skinner (day), Barbara Billups (night)
Holland: James Rodgers (day), Ladonya Reynolds (night)
Indian Lakes: Marlene Antrum (day), Vincent Holley (night)
Kempsville: Sandra Medina (day), Anthony Hills (night)
Kempsville Meadows: James Maddox (day), Aslaug Williams (night)
King’s Grant: Ryan Davis (day), Christopher Jackson (night)
Kingston: Tina Blunt (day), Lakeeta Simmons (night)
Landstown: Connie Wiseman (day), Clifton Hayes (night)
Linkhorn Park: Xavier Nunnally (day), George Johnson (night)
Luxford: Avery Gregory (day), Jonathan Rivera (night)
Lynnhaven: Terry Green (day), Lizzie Davis (night)
Malibu: Kristine Turpin (day), Christine Ricks (night)
New Castle: Patricia Lankford (day), Kyle Wilburn (night)
Newtown: Keith Eason (day), Charles Gregory (night)
North Landing: William Cuffee (day), Demetrus Joyner (night)
Ocean Lakes: Knod Williams (day), Lou Posadas (night)
Old Donation School: Paula Cason (day), Calleen Clark (night)
Parkway: James Cooper (day), Alexander Tarampi (night)
Pembroke: Marilyn Willams (day), Eric Law (night)
Pembroke Meadows: David Harding (day), Jessie Johnson (night)
Point O’View: Jackqueline Cornick (day), Clenton Smith (night)
Princess Anne: Willie Creekmore (day), James Boleyjack (night)
Providence: Grayland McPherson (day), Cassandra Schaefer (night)
Red Mill: Marvin Jones (day), Robert McKelvey (night)
Rosemont: Davey Harper (day), Joseph Velez (night)
Rosemont Forest: David Villanueva (day), Troy Ward (night)
Salem: David Evans (day), Louise Spence (night)
Seatack: Euree Walters (day), Mark Stokes (night)
Shelton Park: Myron Baxter (day), Bernard Boone (night)
Strawbridge: Steven Gallop (day), Hertel Gregory (night)
Tallwood: Tomika Knox (day), Ivy Gregory (night)
Thalia: Linda Venezia (day), Arthur Johnson (night)
Thoroughgood: Walter Land, Jr. (day), Tammy Hunter (night)
Three Oaks: Elvis Smith (day), William Spratley (night)
Trantwood: Barbara Williams (day)
White Oaks: Kimberly Carino (day), Barry Gregory (night)
Williams: Jimmy Scurry (day), Aglaia Chasmar (night)
Windsor Oaks: Kenneth Ambrose (day), Vandarrow Harrell (night)
Windsor Woods: Kelvin Jackson (day), Christopher Backus (night)

Middle Schools
Bayside 6th Grade Campus: Darnell Wilson (day), Lakisha Owens (night)
Bayside: Raymond Medina (day), Thomas Hargrow (night)
Corporate Landing: Larry Williams (day), Conwell Jones (night)
Great Neck: Samuel Johnson (day), Oliver Joyner (night)
Independence: Duan Williams (day), Delores Dixon (night)
Kempsville: Estella Williams (day), Steven Fentress (night)
Landstown: Lestselle Elliott (day), Eduardo Dizon (night)
Larkspur: David Brown (day), Rickey Caffee (night)
Lynnhaven: Alfred Olds (day), Leonard Wiggins (night)
Plaza: Sheraton Woodies (day), Tracye Freeman (night)
Princess Anne: Richard Harris (day), Pernell Snowden (night)
Salem: Maria Fontelera (day), Sonny Santiaguel (night)
Virginia Beach: Bryant Dildy (day), David Lenczewski (night)

High Schools
Bayside: Kenneth Cornick (day), Rondell Bullock (night)
Cox: Carolyn Harris (day), Jacquline Jones (night)
First Colonial: Thomas Washington (day), William Wilson (night)
Green Run: Rodney Drummond (day), Melvin Woodhouse (night)
Kellam: Ralph Thorpe (day), Wanda Smith (night)
Kempsville: Brenda Boone (day), Marion Lewis (night)
Landstown: Milagros Hernandez (day), Edward Pereira (night)
Ocean Lakes: Robert Lint (day), Ronald Barongan (night)
Princess Anne: Jimmy Green (day), Thomas Crouse (night)
Renaissance Academy: Dennis Brickhouse (day), Gwendolyn McMillian (night)
Salem: James Perry (day), Raymond Hawkins, Jr. (night)
Tallwood: Micheal Williams (day), Lester Dildy (night)
Technical and Career Education Center: Nathaniel Wilder (day), Niculina Bodale (night)

Administrative Buildings
Custodial Services: John Simms (day), Stuart Reid (night)
School Administration Building: Brian Johnson (day), Randolph Stewart, Jr. (night)
Student Leadership: Kenneth Davis (day), Eleanor Clemons (night)
Student Support Services: Leon Kelly (day), Gary Robinson (night)
Transportation (Harpers Road): LaTonya Clark (day)
Transportation Bus Garage (Glenwood): Viola Davis (day)

To view more photos from Custodial Appreciation Day, click on the images below.

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