Tweet your 2016-2017 school year reflections

Share your reflections about the 2016-2017 school year with the Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) community by joining the #VBEdChat “Great Dreams; Great Reflections” conversation on Twitter this week.

The format will be a S-L-O-W chat with one question being released per day for individuals to chime in.

“The last week of school is typically extremely busy so the slow chat format provides #VBEdChat participants with the flexibility to join the virtual dialogue at any point throughout the day that is convenient for them,” said Bevin Reinen, 2015 Citywide Teacher of the Year and current professional learning specialist in the Office of Professional Growth and Innovation, which hosts #VBEdChat together with Teacher Forum.

A few of the questions that were asked in a previous year’s slow chat were “Share something new you tried this year that lead to success,” “How did you grow as a professional this year?” and “What is something you feel requires ‘tweaking’ and what are your next steps?”

While most participants are VBCPS educators from schools across the division, a few parents, students and even staff members from the city’s youth programs joined last year’s slow chat conversation.

When the first question was released asking participants to share something new they tried during the year that led to success, one parent shared that the division’s “Compassion Classroom” was one of the highlights of the year.

To that same question, Independence Middle School teacher Maryann Correia said that she “did Literature Circles for the first time and loved facilitating while students took charge.”

Princess Anne High School science teacher Erik Tonnesen said he enjoyed “relinquishing more control over to students allowing them to formulate ways to improve their own learning.”

So mark your calendars and join the chat June 12-16. In your tweets, be sure to preface your answers with “A1, A2, etc.” so they match the corresponding question. In addition, be sure to use the hashtag #VBEdChat.

Tweet, tweet.

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