Great Dreams Need Great Teachers: Aaron Burdon

As third-graders in room 17 at Hermitage Elementary School returned to their desks after lunch, Superintendent Aaron Spence walked in with a special announcement for their teacher.

Aaron Burdon handshake

Aaron Burdon was the latest staff member to be recognized in the division’s Great Dreams Need Great Teachers campaign, and his students assured Spence it was well-deserved.

“We love, Mr. Burdon,” one said.

Spence read excerpts from an email submitted to praise Burdon’s work in the classroom as well as his extracurricular service as the school’s Partners in Education coordinator and a mentor to the school’s robotics team. Students had the most enthusiastic reaction at the mention of Burdon’s math game, “Heroes of Room 17.”

“Why is it called ‘Heroes of Room 17?'” asked Spence.

“Because we’re heroes,” responded one student before another student added their classroom is number 17.

“At the beginning of the year, he takes pictures of each student,” read Spence.

Burdon turns the photos into superhero cards used in the math game he created.

“All I know is,” Spence continued reading from the letter, “it’s a game that the students love and learn from. The cards are amazing and are becoming legendary with each class that passes through.”

“Are the cards legendary?” asked Spence.

“Yes!” exclaimed the room full of heroes.

Spence presented Burdon with two movie passes from campaign sponsor, Beach Movie Bistro.

Aaron Burdon class

Visit the Great Dreams Need Great Teachers website to read the complete submission praising Burdon.

Students, parents and community members may participate in the campaign by sending an email to to share how a teacher they know is making a difference.


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