Kid Principals discuss the work of school leaders

If you “sit in a rolly chair” and “tell people to be nice in what they do,” you might be a school principal according to some first-grade and second-grade students. In honor of Virginia School Principals Appreciation Week Jan. 22-28, we asked some Kid Principals for their thoughts on the best and worst parts of the leadership role and how principals spend their free time. We also asked students what they would do if they were sitting in that rolling office chair, something they consider to be one of the best parts of the job. Singing contests, trampolines and free ice cream will be coming to a school near you when they get to lead the way.

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What is the best part of being a principal?

“You get to go places that no other kids get to go. You could go to the teachers’ lounge and you get to work in the office.”

“You always get to tell people what they need to do.”

“Relaxing. You don’t have to do work.”

“Sitting in a rolly chair and rolling around.”

“Oh, that is the best! That is the best part of it.”

“I got to sit in the principal’s rolly chair once!”

“You visit some classes to see what they are doing and to see how their behavior is, and you get to see if their behavior is good or if their behavior is really, really good.”

“Sit in a quiet office.”

“Maybe you could check over other kids’ work.”

“You could go on the announcements.”

Principals Week Alanton ES

“If you’re the principal of a school you can tell people to be nice in what they do.”

“You can go outside and walk whenever you want.”

“You don’t have to just eat in the cafeteria. You can eat somewhere else.”

“That you can sit in a chair that turns.”

“You get to be smart and see all the kids’ work.”

“You can watch the cameras.”

“You get a lot of money.”

“You can drink coffee.”

“When principals get lots of money, they can give it to the cafeteria so every kid has something to eat.”

What is the hardest part of a principal’s job?

“When they have to a lot of stuff that they don’t want to do.”

“When you have to call somebody’s parents when the teacher sends them to the principals’ office.”

“Knowing all the kids’ names.”

Principals Week CPES

“Doing lots of paperwork!”

“You have to go talk to the people and give speeches instead of having fun in your rolly chair.”

“When a kid is doing something that is not good and the principal has to tell someone to stop doing it over and over again.”

“Doing work every day.”

“That is very hard.”

“To make sure they know every parent’s phone number.”

“Reading a lot of papers, like hundreds or thousands.”

“Having to take too many phone calls at once.”

“Trying to deal with a kid that’s really, really not listening.”

“Walking all-around the school and your legs get tired.”

“Writing a lot.”

“You have to lose a lot of money because you have to pay people and you have to pay the bills for the school.”

“Telling people when there is a big spill in the cafeteria and they have to clean it.”

“That you have to make the rules.”

What do principals like doing for fun?

Principals Week cari hall on motorcycle

“Getting ice cream and going to the park.”

“When it’s a snow day, make snow angels and snowmen.”

“Riding a bike for exercise.”

“Going to the beach and going surfing.”


“Relaxing on the couch and watching TV.”

“Have a good time with their family.”

“Going to Disney World!”

“Eating all the candy in the whole entire world, even Germany!”

“Having McDonald’s every single day.”

“Taking care of their cats.”

“…or dogs.”

“Going to FunVille.”

“Going to restaurants with other teacher friends.”

“Reading books.”

“Go on a vacation.”

“They can go to Hawaii!”

“Going out with their family and enjoy the whole weekend. Like go to the beach and play there and then go to a restaurant to eat.”

“Jump on their beds.”

“They can take a nap because of all the work they do.”

If you came into school tomorrow and you were the principal, what would you do?

“I would do work.”

“I would roll around in the rolly chair all day.”

“The whole school could play outside and have recess.”

“Ring the bell and talk through the microphone.”

“Do whatever I want.”

“I would put up on the stage a singing contest!”

Principals Week alarcon lewis smith

“Have a snack and take a nap.”

“Let the kids chew gum.”

“Let the kids run.”

“Let the kids eat ice cream.”

“I would let the kids go home early and have McDonald’s for lunch.”

“When they get off bus for school I would let them have candy for breakfast.”

“I would put trampolines everywhere you go.”

“Make work for other students that they like to do.”

“If I was the principal, I would do free ice cream at the cafeteria.”

“I would let them do the iPad.”

“If I was an assistant principal, I would help the principal do stuff, read papers and get phone calls. That’s why they have two – an assistant principal and principal.”

“There were be no rules if I was the actual principal and everybody could do what they wanted to do.”

“I would tell the cooking ladies to make things the kids want.”

“Do work without complaining.”

“Let the kids eat junk food.”

“All-you-can-eat buffet!”

“After I became principal I would give everyone a hundred bucks!”


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