Staff collaboration gets students hooked on fishing

Several health and physical education teachers got “Hooked on Angling Education” in the summer professional learning program (PLP) class offered by the school division in collaboration with the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Outdoor Education program.

When Tallwood teacher Lori Morris planned to introduce the skill of reeling to students in her adaptive PE class, she collaborated with staff in the Office of Programs for Exceptional Children (OPEC) to ensure everyone could participate. The action of spinning the reel to retrieve big catches (which, in PE class, are thin, plastic fish) would be more challenging for some students.


David Decant, a special education teacher in OPEC’s assistive technology department, adapted a fishing pole with a cordless power drill so the reel could be activated by squeezing the trigger of the drill. Using the modified reel and rod, students like Tallwood junior Burleigh James were able to independently participate and practice the reeling skill in class.


Adaptive PE teacher David Bowden, who assisted with implementation of the lesson, reported that James said the activity was “awesome” and couldn’t stop smiling.

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