Williams celebrates full accreditation with flag-raising ceremony

“We did some special things here last year; we really did,” Bettie F. Williams Elementary School Principal Tim Sullivan told his staff. “And I really, really appreciate everything you’ve done.”

Staff members gathered in the cafeteria for the first day of teacher in-service week to enjoy breakfast and reminiscing about their summer. Photos of weddings, newborn babies, new grandchildren, vacation spots and summer reading displayed on the screen in a video created by Williams Assistant Principal Meishe Thirus.

They had another reason to celebrate – the school’s full SOL accreditation. It is the first time in five years Williams has earned full accreditation.

IMG_8822 Williams staff

Sullivan stressed building on the success, using the 2009 Disney Pixar movie Up as a theme.

“Where can we go? Up,” he said. “The road to success is always under construction. We’re on the right track. We are. We are going to do great things this year. We did great things last year. We do have room to go, and it’s going to be up.”

IMG_8818 UP

“You guys are the best. No one can do what you guys do,” praised Sullivan. “The most important thing you can do when you get into those classes is love those kids. If they don’t think they’re loved by you, they’re not going to learn from you.”

The Williams staff moved to the front of the school to watch Jimi Scurry, head day custodian, and fourth-grade teacher Naomi Spalding raise the accreditation flag.

IMG_8828 flag raisers

Sullivan noted that Scurry “unceremoniously” raises the school’s flags at 6 a.m. every morning.

“He should be the one raising that flag when everyone is here watching,” Sullivan told staff.

As Scurry raised the flag with Spalding by his side, staff members used their phones to capture photos and videos of the moment before returning to their classrooms to begin work for the new year.

IMG_8836 staff outside

“It’s always joyful to start the year and see what lies ahead and to build like we will,” said Sullivan.

To view more photos from the celebration at Williams, visit the VBSchools Facebook page.

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One thought on “Williams celebrates full accreditation with flag-raising ceremony

  1. We are so proud of all of the efforts of the staff, teachers, and students at Bettie F. Williams! It truly does take a village…!

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