Storyboards showcase Compass to 2020 progress

Visitors and employees have long admired all the framed student artwork in the School Administration Building’s hallways and offices. The student-made pieces are now joined by two storyboards commissioned to illustrate progress on the school division’s strategic framework, Compass to 2020.

Hallway board 1

“When you come to the end of a strategic framework or plan you have a tendency to remember what you just did. You forget all that went into it,” said Director for Innovation and Strategic Planning Dr. Lisa Banicky.

“There’s a lot of research to indicate that visual gets your attention,” she added. “You remember it better. We looked at how we could tell the story without telling the story with words. We wanted people to see the work we’re engaged in and also point to what’s coming next.”

The story begins with the first board, an overview of the strategic framework’s four goal areas: high academic expectations, multiple pathways, social-emotional development, and culture of growth and excellence. Also featured are various indicators being used to measure progress of the work.


The second storyboard showcases Compass to 2020 work from school year 2015-16.

“People are embedded throughout that second board,” said Banicky. “I think any employee could look at that board and see themselves in it. Even if it’s just looking at the core values and saying, ‘I’ve seen those core values; those core values are what we’re working toward.’”


Celebrating the work is equally important, according to Banicky.

“We want people to see that we’re capturing the work we’re doing, and it’s not going unnoticed and uncelebrated,” she said. “We do a lot of work — a lot of good things, but we keep moving.”

That continuous movement is a key aspect of the storyboards’ design.

“It was purposeful to have waves. They build,” she said. “The momentum builds and the work continues. It’s not as though it appears on 2015-16 and it’s done. The momentum continues throughout the boards. So, I’m excited to see what the next couple boards will look like, too.”

A digital version of the storyboards will be shared on the Compass to 2020 website in the near future. “We want to provide multiple access points into the work,” Banicky said. “How are we working toward our goals? What are the supports we’re putting in place to move each of those goal areas forward?”

“As we go, we want to share the work we’re doing,” she said, “and remind people of the big picture view.”

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