Holland Elementary creates touching tribute for coworker

Holland Elementary School suffered a great loss this year when office associate Susan Miller passed away after a hard battle with cancer.

As Miller’s health continued to decline, staff at Holland Elementary had an idea to honor their beloved coworker and friend. All of Holland’s staff and students would gather together for a group picture and stay in the shape of a heart.

The school reached out to Lifetouch, a partner of the school, and detailed the plan. The company immediately set up the shoot, choreographed the day and sent a crew of photographers to capture the perfect image.


Unfortunately, Miller passed away before the photo could be taken, but, following her death, staff members were able to provide the picture to Miller’s family as a school tribute to her.

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9 thoughts on “Holland Elementary creates touching tribute for coworker

  1. Mehki and I are heartbroken to hear about Mrs Miller passing, Mehki attended Holland in 2006 -2012 he is in his last year of Middle School. He really loved Mrs Miller she always spoke highly of him and he of her. He told me she would get her a hug from him daily . In November I went in to Vote and took him with me as I always do On our way out. I asked “do you want to go say hi to Mrs Miller”, (Yes he said) as always she was smiling and said he is getting so tall. I would come and get my hug but I think I have a stomach virus. You never know how much someone has touched a child it could be a smile, or a hug the smallest gesture can mean so much. I am sure the Holland Family misses the Burst of Sunshine Mrs Miller gave to the Office I surely will.

  2. Mrs. Miller was such a warm person. I had seen her over the summer she had asked about my daughter DeAndra whom was a former Holland student. I brought her to visit and found out Mrs. Miller had passed away

  3. OMG… I am very upset by this! I worked at Holland from 2003-2007 and she was a total pleasure to work with, from her days there as a bus driver and as a secretary! As a bus driver she was always willing to be that bus that came back and pick up an extra load of children because their bus couldnt make it. She knew every bus route in the area and routinely had an alternate plan worked out for a missing bus or buses with the other bus drivers prior to their arrival at Holland for dismissal! She made my job so easy then, I knew I could always count on her!!! I believe it was 2005 when she became the 10 month secretary at Holland and she clearly brightened up the office! She and I had this special teasing relationship in the office, it was so much fun to hear her say “Oh no, here comes Mr. Wood” with a smile on her face waiting to see what sort of gag I was going to pull, lol. ! RIP Susan Miller, you will be missed.

  4. When Susan spoke to me of her illness earlier last year, she had the most positive attitude I’ve ever known. I worked with her, mostly by phone, for years, and she was always willing to go the extra mile to accomplish what was needed for us with a smile in her voice. We saw each other at a grocery store last fall while she was there with her daughter and granddaughter, and she continued to value each and every day. The school picture is a beautiful tribute, I know she is missed by many.

  5. What a touching tribute. As someone who has lost a mother to this horrible disease, I am sure that it meant a lot to her family.

  6. I have had the pleasure of being assigned to Holland Elementary twice. Each time I was there, Ms. Miller was a friendly face I could count on for help. She was always positive & very helpful. She will be missed! Rest in Peace, Susan.

  7. I had the privilege of working with Susan for just one year at Holland Elementary School as an assistant principal. She always had a positive attitude and spoke often of finding solutions to problems instead of focusing on the negative.She was always willing to help and she did it without complaining. It was a privilege to know her and to witness the faith and trust she had in God. She always said,”God is in control. He never makes a mistake”. I am sure God was pleased with the way she trusted Him and placed her death in His hands. I will miss Susan.

  8. What a thoughtful thing to do! This was as much a learning experience for the students as they would have gotten in the classroom. The lesson learned might not apply to the SOL test but such consideration and appreciation is a valuable life lesson. Time well spent!

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